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Thank you scientists for attending the Science Fair awards ceremony-we had a great time celebrating your achievements. Awesome job everyone!

We hope to see all of our families at Bingo on April 26th.

Everyone will receive 10 free Bingo games and a raffle ticket. We will have lots of free door prizes and raffle baskets too. Don’t forget to pre-order your pizza!

Bingo Flyer

President – Keisha Hines-Craft
Vice President of Fundraising – OPEN
Vice President of Education – Christina Fetterman
Treasurer – Kristy Sawyer
Recording Secretary – Meg Adams
Communications Secretary – Chantal Howard

This slate represents nominations that have been received to date.
Anyone interested in any position may still be considered for election.
All positions are elected each school year.

If you are interested in ANY of these positions, please contact Keisha Hines-Craft at