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2018 Gold Membership

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Please add your Family Name for the Yearbook Recognition Listing for being a Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze Level Member. You will be recognized by Level. (Example: The Smith Family) or Type “None” if you prefer not to be listed in the yearbook.

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Names for Membership – We encourage ALL parents, students, and staff to join.

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Gold Membership includes the following:

  • Still Elementary Insulated Cold/Hot Cup with Lid
  • Still Elementary Car Magnet
  • Still Elementary Shopper Bag
  • Still Elementary Pen
  • Still Elementary Notepad
  • Gold Level ‐ Yearbook Listing Recognition
  • Hundreds in Coupons to Local Stores & Restaurants
  • 3x PTSA Memberships
  • (Tax Deductible Donation Letter for $76.59)