Still Elementary PTSA

2019 Science Fair Winners

We have just completed our Science Fair competition!! Wow! We had some AMAZING projects and the judges really had a tough time choosing this year! We would like to recognize all of the FIRST and SECOND place winners for all of their hard work.

First Place
Student Name Grade Project
Lily Sechelski 1st Dryer Lint Detective
Nada Bendannoun 2nd Think n Drink
William Denoziere 3rd When playing dice…
John Paolino 4th Tap Tap Fizz Fizz
Emily Green 5th Which flour has the Power
Tyler Slade K Is that Gas I see?
Second Place
Student Name Grade Project
Musa Sohrawardry 1st Gum Battles
Everett Johnson 2nd The Paint Drying Race
Layne Skaggs 3rd How to Clone a cabbage
Brook Lanier 4th Does Brand Matter
Owen Denoziere 5th How does different music affect heart rate?
Ethan Timmons 5th How does different music affect heart rate?

WOW! Every one of the children that participated did an excellent job and we are confident that our students will definitely make their mark in the regional competition! I hypothesize that if we continue to encourage and support our students then next year’s Science Fair will be even bigger and better! 🙂 We thank each and everyone for participating in the Science Fair at Still Elementary.

Antonia Mizell
Still PTSA
VP of Education

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