Still Elementary PTSA

ShoeBox Recycling

Shoe recycling for reuse allows our PTSA to participate in a easy way to make money for our school while helping the environment!

BRING YOUR SHOES TO OPEN HOUSE THIS WEEK!!! Collection bins are in the front lobby.

Shoes we accept: All paired men’s, women’s and kids shoes that are still usable. That means no holes in the soles and no wet or mildewed pairs. This includes athletic shoes, dress shoes, timberland type work boots, sandals, cleats, heels and flats.

Don’t forget about our other recycling initiatives!

Aluminum Cans – collected in the container outside,by the bus entrance to the school

Ink Cartridges – collected in the container in the lobby

For more information about these programs please contact Betsy Mormile at betsymormile@gmail.com

Click Here for more details!

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