Still Elementary PTSA

Your Still Elementary PTSA Dollars at Work: New STEM and Outdoor resources

The results of our parent and staff surveys showed that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)-based learning is a top priority for Still. Additionally, parents and staff expressed a need for improving outdoor recreation/learning areas.
Based on these results, the PTSA Board has approved the following additional purchases:
  • Green Screen Package – this system has everything students need to create movies using 21st century technology and incorporates the arts as well as STEM-based lessons in new and exciting ways! Teachers can incorporate this system into a wide variety of classroom activities, such as writing (e.g., writing scripts, developing storylines, brainstorming characters and traits), art and design (e.g., set building, artwork), history (e.g., making movies to bring history to life), reading (e.g., class book reviews, skits based on books read), and public speaking/presentation skills (e.g., role playing, acting). The possibilities for learning are truly endless.
  • Outdoor Picnic Tables & Umbrellas – Includes the purchase of four metal picnic tables with weather resistant plastic coating. These tables will be placed in the patio area just outside the Café’s doors and can be used by classes for special outdoor lunches and learning activities. Two of the tables will be wheelchair accessibility and all tables will be equipped with umbrellas to provide shade.
These purchases, totaling approximately $4,300, are made possible by your membership dollars and your participation in PTSA activities throughout the year. Thank YOU for making the difference!
We will continue to work with Still Administration as we begin budget planning for the 2017-2018 school year.
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